Monday, July 13, 2009

True Green Energy Group Is Saving The Planet

The historic events of June 26, 2009 set up the most lucrative investment opportunity of our lifetime... And there's a good chance YOU are going to miss out completely!

Dear Opportunistic Investor,

Two weeks ago, as the international media raced to cover Michael Jackson's sudden death, Congress quietly passed an earth-shaking energy bill...
Now it's only a matter of time before President Obama signs it into law -- meaning we're about to see the most monumental shift in energy policy in our nation's history.

As we speak, members of True Green Energy Group’s investment community are positioning themselves to secure their share of the epic fortunes this shift will create. And because we may never see a money-making opportunity of this magnitude again in our lifetimes, I want to make it as easy as possible for you to join them.
True Green Energy Group is a leader and a promoter of world power and green technologies. The company we are promoting now has a Biosphere Machine that will burn garbage, make electricity and purify Water and create global Intelligence for our universe! Spectrum Blue Steel creates energy by gasifying garbage at the same time as it creates many bi products at fraction of the cost of energy competitors, turning garbage into electricity and clean water at the same time!

Water shortages are making headlines from the Middle East... to the bleached-white bathtub ring around Nevada’s half-empty Lake Mead... to the parched state of Georgia, where the governor prays for rain... to Arizona and California, which are perennially fighting over shrinking water supplies! Crops are collapsing, groundwater is disappearing, and rivers are failing to reach the sea. All of which makes water the most important investment story on the planet right now.

One of the Biosphere machines just went into operation in the Philippines. Purchased by Spectrum Blue Steel Corporation, it is rumored that Spectrum will deploy 1500 Biosphere machines in the Philippines!

Over 100 citizens, delegates and politicians were part of the groundbreaking shift in San Fernando, Philippines. In his speech during the ground breaking ceremony of the Pilot Biosphere Gasification Facility in the City of San Fernando in Pampanga, Mayor Oscar Rodriguez declared that the Biosphere Gasification Facility to be established in this City would eventually set the trend for a better world.

"The move toward clean, renewable energy has been brewing a long time," Ronald Flynn the President of Spectrum Blue Steel said. "A lot of ordinary people -- patriots -- want it to happen. In order for the Philippines to move forward people must work together, and today’s ceremony proves just that. The world has a bankrupt economy and people are scared about the planet’s future. Clean green electricity at much lower prices, along with cleaning up the landfills and getting rid of all the unwanted garbage in the Philippines has Spectrum Blue Steel plugging into the Filipino power grid at light speed, not to mention a 7 year tax holiday they will receive as stated under the new Pilipino Republic act 9513 for green energy companies.

True Green Energy group has supported this project as promoters of world power and green technologies. Spectrum Blue Steel’s goal is to become an international utilities company by deploying Biospheres on a global scale while TGEG will promote green electricity and world power generation from the Biosphere system.

Flynn also said during the ceremony, "We all need to understand what we’re changing from in order to change into something better. We’re proud to become the Philippines number one green energy provider and believe that together with the leaders of this country we can help create a more sustainable future for generations to come. Planet earth will be saved and our children’s future will be paved with a clean green future.

True green energy group’s campaign message is simple - we can all do something positive and play our part in the vital effort to restore the planet’s eco-systems. Yes governments, companies need to act, but let’s not waste time. If enough of us get involved, a truly grass-roots movement will grow, and that will force the powers that be to listen. Integrity is the foundation of our business. We will adhere, individually and collectively, to our commitments, our values, and the ethical conduct of our business and most importantly our dedication to the environment and maintaining lasting, mutually beneficial relationships in all aspects of green energy and the international deployment of the Biosphere MKV."

DOES THIS SOUND BIG OR WHAT!! Think about it folks. Not only does this make sense, not only will these machines produce electricity at a fraction of the cost of burning coal, but with president Obama's cap in trade, literally every power company in our nation will need one of the Spectrum Blue Steel Biosphere Machines in order to get carbon credits. And while the Biosphere Machine is producing inexpensive electricity, we are cleaning up the nation’s landfills!! The Biosphere Machines are all about saving our planet and going green - producing electricity from garbage.

As the President of True Green Energy Group I urge you to simply make a call or send an email for more information in order to capitalize on this once in a lifetime opportunity. Our corporate office is open 24 hours a day 7 days per week because the planet needs our help.

Once again thank you for your interest in our company and remember your waste is our future.

Best regards
Ronald Flynn

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